The story behind Project-X began about two years ago, as we saw an increasing need in the market for a reliable, customisable hardware development platform. Although there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of other development boards in the market, very few are designed to go from development, to pilot run and then on to production. This is what makes Project-X unique, a platform you can use throughout your product development cycle and finally ship it to your customers. What’s more, Project-X follows industry standards and was designed to be as flexible as possible courtesy of a range of mezzanine boards that we offer as standard accessories. We can also create custom mezzanine boards based on your requirements, to take the customization aspect a step further. We think it’s the best development platform in the market and we hope you agree.

Project-X is now live on Kickstarter.


X-A1 (H2)

The X-A1 (H2) is the entry level model in the X-A1 series…

X-A1 (H3)

The X-A1 (H3) is the mid-range model in the X-A1 series of…

X-A1 (H5)

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